Monday, 22 September 2008


Hello blog! I haven't seen you in ages. This month has been a bit of a whirl wind. So I am just going to do a quick catch up. September means that I was going to be 30, so I had lots of party organizing to do. I really didn't want my party to be too normal so I decided to get loads of retro sweets....

All brought from The Pink Sweet shop .

My party was fantastic. I was so nervous that no one would turn up, but I was fine because most people did.
Really drunk far too much and there are some bad photos going round of me doing Micheal Jackson moves but hey that's what party's are all about!
Then Monday morning Elli Woo started school. She looked so grown up and beautiful in her uniform. I knew that she was so ready to go and has really enjoyed herself .
Buying Elli's uniform was just an extension of dressing up my little girl! Skirts with frills at the bottom, cute diamante details - I love it!
Tuesday I was 30! I had such a wonderful day and got so many lovely gifts and cards. I felt really spoilt and loved. Kev took the day off work and took me to Cafe Uno for breakfast and Mum, Dad and Ruth came round after school, followed by Laura and the kids. My wonderful friend Christine made me this cute cake, how cool?!
So that's some of September in a nut shell. I have more to tell, nothing to exciting though!


sunshine and curls said...

such a fab/busy month so glad you had such a wonderful 30th party you deserve it. lots of love xx

retro sweets said...

great call on the retro sweets! i love them, sounds like it was an amazing party, what sweets did you get?