Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pinch punch....

.... first day of the month!( Callum got me this morning for the first time!)
My boys went to Father and Son cub camp this weekend just gone.
They had such a great time. I wish they did a mummy version, so I could go! I have a half made book which is going to be perfect for the photos which my hubby took. I am going to get them printed today.
I forgot to say a big Thank you in my last post to the lovely ladies which I teach on a Tuesday night. The week after my birthday I was surprised with a big bunch of sunflowers and an even bigger cake! I am missing these ladies as I now have 12 weeks for beginners, even though the beginners are lovely.
In the past week I have had a few bits of bad news. A friend that I have known for many years has cervical cancer, she is only 29 and one of my old school friends was killed in a car crash.
This has made me think about how life can be short. And how its important to look after your real friends and your close family, I am not messing with people who think peoples feelings are a joke anymore, real friends and family just don't do that. Live life and love.
Take care x x x

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sunshine and curls said...

I totally agree with you real friends and family are who matter !! Photo's are great so glad they all had such a lovely time. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx