Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy Birthday mum!

Well new year going well... I haven't drunk all week, did had to have a sniff of Kev's wine last night though......

Monday was Mum's birthday. I do always feel so sorry for Mum and anyone who has a birthday in January. I think everyone is sick of buying presents and making loads of effort, Mum was due in April but came early.
We surprised her with a traditional ploughman's lunch

Elli was so excited, I really love this picture of her. Such a shame its out of focus. I don't normally keep the out of focus ones but this one is so cute.

This is a little book I made for Mum. Using my bind it all and a bit of rubbery clear stuff for the covers that was from some Christmas packaging, I am soooo green! LOL!

I went back to work on Tuesday. The shop has had a change around and looks wicked I have loads of stuff to design but are being really organized like I said I would ;)


sunshine and curls said...

Looks like your mum had a wonderful lunch, looks delicious.
Your book looks amazing !! and the picture of Elli is really cute. x

cosymo said...

It doent matter my birthday is in early January because you always make it so special,to have you near me on my birthday, with Kev and the children is all I want, my birthday was amazing, I was gobsmacked, the meal was fantastic, and you scrapbook , well I loved it, and me the trollbead queen hehe, I loved my bead thank you, I love you with all my heart xxxxxxxxMUMxxxxxxxxxxx