Friday, 2 January 2009

Well a new year hey?

I always look forward to a new year. New beginnings, new ideas and new routines.
This year I am going to
Not drink alcohol in the week - I think my liver has had enough
Be more patient with the kids and other people...
Not get so offended by others words and actions, its their choice.
Run the Race for Life and Brentwood Fun Run, I know I am not
supposed to run but I love it

Also I have some craft aims....
To be more organized with my classes at work
To actually make things for myself and not just work
To make something from my Cath Kidston book
To be more confident about what I do

Christmas was all about this....

And now we are all feeling like this.....

I was totally spoilt this Christmas. Not only did I get an Ipod touch (which is the best gadget EVER!!!) I also got a Slice. Now to me this is the perfect solution for someone like me who does not have the privilege of having their own craft room to put something like the Cricut. Well that my theory anyway! I have already ear marked some of the cards that I want for it! Tonight I will be road testing the baby.
Oh and look at my winter new blog, thank you SJ. Blog queen!
Happy 2009!

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sunshine and curls said...

Hi nina sounds like you will have a perfect deserve it !! you blog is looking fab xx lots of love C