Monday, 23 February 2009

To make master pieces or not.... that is the question!

Ohhhh I have so many ideas at the moment! Ideas for classes, ideas for my own projects and even ideas for birthday parties! Last night I made a layout which wasn't planned, it just kind of happened. I think my problem is that every layout needs to be a master piece and anything less isn't good enough, in turn this makes a big deal out of scrapbooking. So last nights layout wasn't a master piece more like a break through. Tonight I have no men to look after as they are at football so I will try and make another page the way I did the last one (I will post a pic when I have interviewed Callum for the journalling).
I have also had another idea which I am buzzing about....... I'll tell more later ;)
PS Thanks to Polly for this photo. xxx

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sunshine and curls said...

Sounds wonderful nina, really can't wait to see you new creations x