Thursday, 5 March 2009

Photos that make me happy!

Phew this week has flown by!I am pleased it did in a way as I have been so premenstrual!
Anyway I just wanted to show a class which is on 28Th March which I am super pleased with. I love it! I might have to make one for my album. It all about reusing your old stash and saving a bit of wonga!

Today was Elli's first World Book Day. She wanted to dress up as a hippo in a tutu from her favourite book of the week Party Animals.

I wanted to capture the little details. I painted her finger nails as the hippo has hers painted. It wasn't until I put this picture on the PC that I realised how her hands are still so baby like, it took my breath away a little. This will be a photo I will treasure forever. A moment in time captured.

Went round my lovely friend Dawnie's for a scrappy day today. This girl was the one who got me scrapping.

Me, Dawn and Jo had such a lovely day. Didn't get much done though!


rutheo said...

lovely picture ni... elli's hands look just like sonny's but a bit bigger fab picture

sunshine and curls said...

I have always loved Elli's hand's was the first thing I noticed about her as a new born and her lovely cute ears. xx memories xx