Thursday, 9 April 2009

The medicine of Muff!

Another week has flown by, this time I have been drenched in illness. Elli with tonsillitis, then Callum. Me, I had a chest infection and my spring hayfeaver reared its ugly head. To be honest I don't really remember much about the last week and I certainly don't remember teaching my class on Saturday, sorry girls I will be back to normal this week. Yesterday to cheer me up the lovely Bev dropped in her latest creations

Lemon meringue muffins. They were heaven. Marion thought they were the best ever! They did make me feel better.
So we are now in Easter holiday land. The kids are not bored *yet*. We are going to my sisters tomorrow so they can play with their cousins (Sonny is now crawling as of yesterday) and me and Ruth plan to go through some old photos, scan them and shame people on Facebook with them mwaha haha!
Better go, my lip stud just fell out!


Tinkerbelle said...

Hope you have a great Easter xxxx Take care, see you soon xxxxx HUGS xxxx

rutheo said...

i thought you just said your lip fell off lol

sunshine and curls said...

So funny lip stud falling off Lol x oh for the love of the muff !! Glad you all feeling better xx

Alex said...

OooO: That muffin looks scrummy! I bet it was delicious :)

Hope you're feeling better Nina, have a good Easter.

Alex x