Monday, 1 June 2009

17 days......

Until Glastonbury Festival! I cant believe its that time again. This year is zooming by. We are now all getting very excited as the line up had been realised so we know what bands and musicians are playing, but the music is such a small part of the festival, there is so much more to do.

Not only is there the most glorious food and pear cider but loads of crafts to do too. Including bowl, plate and spoon carving, pencil making, Glass blowing, felt making, silver jewellery making, soap making a crochet. You book onto these workshops and pay from nothing up to about £20. Now I have to work out what I am going to do around what bands I am going to see. There is also other things that I want to do this year. Like chill in the comedy tent and visit Trash City at the early hours of the morning, see more of this blokes amazing photos here

I think after the line up is announced and the excitement has died down the main thing on everyone mind is the weather. I know Glastonbury is known to be a mud bath and yes sometimes it is a mud bath, but sometimes we do have glorious sunshine. So I will be checking the long range weather forecast every day in the hope of good news. This is the forum I will be stalking as a kind weather enthusiast is doing weekly updates.

Today I am going shopping for a festival bag. My one from the last 2 festivals has fallen apart. I am in love with this one

So I will be checking it out today.

Taking of purchases I brought this in Purple Rose Boutique in the high street

Not done too much of my own crafting this week, I do plan to finish a few things off tonight when I watch the Apprentice final. Sad James went, I do love a geek!


Cara said...

I bet you can't wait sounds amazing all the workshops sound great too, I hope you have the best time ever. xx

Fairyqueen said...

Sooooooo jealous! I would love to go Glastonbury! Every year I say I'm gonna go but never do! Have a lovely time!