Friday, 29 May 2009

Catch up stuff

*Long post warning* ( Totally my fault though as I ha vent posted for so long!)
So May has flown by, I cant believe that its nearly June and June means Glastonbury Festival but I am not going to witter on about that now as I have too many other things to report.
Last week was one of my lovely friends birthdays. Christine is such a lovely fun person and she has had a bit of a rough time as of late. So I wanted her to have a special birthday. I brought this lovely necklace from Etsy. Its handmade from recycled siver

And looks so cute wrapped up!

Shock horror! I have made some cards from different card blanks! I had to make Christine a card with cakes on. After all she does make the best cakes. And I even glittered it, I am really not into glitter at the moment but it just needed it.

This card was made for Kev's cousin and her hubby to be for their wedding. Their colours were ivory and teal and I just have make a card that matches! How hard is it to find teal patterned paper?! I had to make my own in the end with teal ink and my Roley stamper from SU. I embossed Ben and Lauren initials with clear gloss emboss and silver ink.

On Saturday we had a lovely day at the wedding. I will post more pictures next post.

On a completely separate note, I am currently changing the the food I eat. No I am not on a diet as I hate this word, I am re educating myself. So far I have lost 7 and a half lbs. I am rediscovering food I loved last time I was re educating. Like this.....

Mmmmmm Muller Light with fresh fruit and merange on top.

And this is my favourite new breakfast.

Off now to do some boring housework but will listen to my new Tom Jones album whilst doing it to get me in the Glasto mood, yes he is playing!


dagbird2001 said...

ooo i love the look of that muller light brekkie, mmm how many syns is meragne (sp i on slimming
thanks for the congrats message, i did pop in saturday to say hi and tell you that i wasnt!!!! hope you know what i talking and to let you know he proposed.

see you for course in july.


Tinkerbelle said...

wow, that breakfast looks yummy, where is it from and I am addicted to the muller treats, ... I am following Slimming Worls, nearly at 2 stone loss xxxx