Friday, 14 August 2009

I have fallen back in love!

Hello little blog, how have you been?
I wanted to share a mini book which I made last week. This mini book was for a friend, as present, to remind her of our time at Glasto.
I had fallen out of love with mini books for a while, ploughing through 12x12 pages like mad. I think I am back in love!

For this project I used the 7 Gypsies Rubber Band Book and lots of Lime Rickey from Basic Grey, which is another thing I am back in love with.

It was totally mad to have a project with nearly none of my handwriting in, I used these lovely MM letter stickers instead. I used so many O's I had to break into another pack!

Well she totally loved the book. She isn't a scrapbooker and I am always worried about giving projects to non scrappers in case they ' don't get it'. She did!

Now I know I need to make a flag book for our trip this week to Longleat. I took 329 photos! And yesterday we went the the Natural History Museum in London so I need to buy this

So cute!


Cara said...

Really lovely mini book of Glastonbury bet she did love it. I love the dinosaur book too fantastic ! xx

Nic said...

Fab book Nina - the lime rickey pp's are v. worthy of affection aren't they :) The dinosaur book is so cute :)

Nicki said...

This is such a neat gift Nina, for remebering such a fab time! im sure she will love it! its brill!
take care, catch ya soon