Wednesday, 2 September 2009

School stuff......

So as of tomorrow the kids are back at school. How quick has the summer holidays gone?!

Over the holidays I have seen some change in the kids. Callum has become big. Big like going out on his own on his bike, with his mobile phone, to knock for friends. Big also in being bossy and thinking he knows best. I know that there is more to come as he will enter into year 6 tomorrow, the last year of juniors. Yes that means that next year he will go to senior school!!! Being in the last year of juniors will give him confidence - the oldest kids in the whole school! I am not looking forward to choosing his senior school. Its such a big decision.
Elli is matured. She is having less tantrums and seems happier. We have had a great girlie holiday. Tonight she used my shimmer body wash and exclaimed how beautiful it was! Such a girl.
Whilst reading September Creating Keepsakes in the bath yesterday I came across some really cool stuff. I really loved the back to school journaling article. They spoke about interviewing your child, question & answer style. Also about getting your child to talk about their day and you write it down in their words. I loved that! And also getting your child to write their own journaling for the page. It would be cool to see how much their writing had changed later on in the year. They also had some great tips on back to school photography. I loved the idea of taking a photograph of them with a Rosy red apple and the school year they were going in of the front in thickers!
So I am all ready for tomorrow, bags packed, uniform ironed and photo shoot sorted ;)


Nicki said...

Know the feeling! mine went back today too, and look sooo grown up!! how does that happen? when does it happen coz ya dont see it do ya?
hope they enjoyed being back at school, they look so adorable together!
see you really soon!!!
take care

Jayne said...

Nina, they grow up so quick and every year, month, week, day, hour has to be treasured. Thats why scrapping is great. I thank you sooooooo much for introducing me to it.