Sunday, 20 September 2009

So whats been happening in Bugland?

Last week was my birthday. I cant believe that it was a year ago that I turned 30 now I am 31!
My birth week was great (birthdays are so yesterday daaaaarling!) I was spoilt. I got 5 new friends for this ............

I love my Troll bead bracelet. I love all the fables and names behind the beads. This is why I wanted Troll because they mean more then just looking pretty. And they are the original! Look at my new Owl - A symbol of wisdom and protection, the owl watches over the forest at night as the trees come alive and the trolls come out to play.

I also got a photo printer - woooo hooo! For all those times when I take a photo I love and need to scrap them NOW! Not that I have set it up yet. It needs to be a special moment, but hopefully today I will get that moment.

So to say thank you for all my lovely gifts (and there was many) I made these little cards, made from a collection of my favourite things - Kraft card, corrugated card, red gingham and ladybugs. I will be writing these little beauties today.

And for the rest of the day I will be hoping to sort out my stash cupboard with pure harshness, setting up my printer (who doesn't have a name yet) but in reality I will be running round like a nutted taking Elli to parties and stuff!
Hope my mojo return as its gone on a little trip away from Bugland at the moment.........
Happy Sunday!!


dagbird2001 said...

love ure bracelet hun, and a lovely new printer.
hope you are well.

Nic said...

Happy belated birthday to you Nina. Glad you had a fabby day and I'm loving your new additions to your troll braclet :)

lisa said...

Happy belated birthday Nina : )
I love your troll bracelet. I've never heard of those before. I agree so much more interesting than the pandoras. xx

Scrapbook Junkie said...

Belated birtyhday greetings. Love your bracelet.

cosymo said...

I love your braclet, fab pictures too, and your birthday was wonderfull, I was so excited , to see you open your presents,love you at 31, and will love you alwaysxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMUMxx