Monday, 11 January 2010

Goals old and new

Happy new year blog!
So now the Christmas commotion has died down I am ready to start blogging again. I had a look at what I blogged this time next year and I came across my list of new year resolutions. Well I did stick to some of them, here is the list -
Not drink alcohol in the week - I think my liver has had enough
*This was stuck to for a month!
Be more patient with the kids and other people...
*Hmmmm have I been more patient........
Not get so offended by others words and actions, its their choice.
*Yes I stuck to this one.
Run the Race for Life and Brentwood Fun Run, I know I am not
supposed to run but I love it
*I did the Brentwood Fun Run and raised over £100 for St Luke's Hospice

Also I have some craft aims....
To be more organized with my classes at work
*Yes I was much more organized.
To actually make things for myself and not just work
*I did do this but maybe not as much as I would have liked
To make something from my Cath Kidston book
*Totally failed!
To be more confident about what I do
*At times I think this wavered at times but I did learn have more confidence.
So maybe I didn't do as bad as I first thought!

Anyway on to some interesting stuff. Over Christmas I got to do some making, or finishing I should say. This first one I made a while back but had no journaling mojo. I wonder if when I made this page I would have realised that I would be doing the journaling when it was snowing months later!

I really loved this paper but it had celebrate love or life or something and it just didn't fit with what I wanted to say. So I just covered that bit with a piece of white Bazzill and continued my title. I love trying to do multiple photo layouts, probably because I take so many photos!

This next one was a class I did with the fab Tuesday night ladies .

It has an exploding bit on the front, I pinched the idea from Polly.

The cool thing with this is that you can fit loads of photos in, down side is that you have to take it out of the page protector to see the buggers!
The photos I chose to use with this page were some recent ones of my Mum's birthday this year.I took loads of snaps of her opening her presents.

And last but not least this layout I did actually make over Christmas. If I could be a layout, at this time, right now, I would be this layout. Everything about it is me at the moment. The colours, the buttons (with the random gold one), gathered ribbon, bling.......

And stitching! I cant get enough of stitching on pages. I remember when I said 'a page isn't compete until I have stamped on it'. Well that's how I now feel about stitching.
And yes I sacrificed a book for this page. I did buy it to cut up though so that doesn't make me feel too bad! I think it looks super with a rub-on on it.

So this year my goals are -
To lose the rest of my weight
To learn to play my beautiful guitar
To do Pilate's so I can make my crummy body feel better.
Spend more quality time with the kidos because I know that it will be in a flash before my eyes and they will be grown up.
To enjoy life and take whatever it throws at me.
And in a creative way my goals are
To learn to crochet
To learn how to follow a knitting pattern!
To do more pages in my book of me.
To start painting again.
I wonder if this time next year I will be looking these feeling like I have achieved or not!


Aisha said...

Hi Nina,

good to see you are blogging again, I do look forward to them!!! Loving the stitching but I'm not much of a seamstress. Something to work on!!! What's all this "be more confident" rubbish. You're great ... end of

Luv from Singapore

Muzeyyen Demirel said...

I love Polly's pin. It's so cute:)