Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow Day

Finally we get snow! We have been the last to get it here in South East. Miss Woo woke up at 5.30am screaming ' The snow has came!'. And it had...

First the school was open and then more snow fell so the kids were off school. Poor Marion couldn't get in to the shop so I had a snow day too.
At 10.30 we had this much....

Snow does funny things to people, I've observed this whilst looking on Facebook. Some people don't stop moaning, most people go back to being a kid again. The thing is our country is rubbish at dealing with this weather but to me I think that builds the excitement. Knowing that, like today, we can't just get in the car and pop to the shops, knowing that everyone is in the same boat, it unites us!
I think we should all raise a cup of hot chocolate (with marsh mallows) to snow days in the uk!

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