Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hello blog!
As some of you know I've just come back from Stitches, the UK craft trade show and I have loads of yummy things to show and talk about but I wanted to post about Valentine's day and our 9Th wedding anniversary first.

I decided to make a heart bunting for my 'twinkly tree' .....

I wanted to keep it really simple, so I just stuck to two designs and repeated them.

But still with a bit of creative craftiness! So the lovely spiral flower and fabric flower was a must.

Miss Woo was in a crafty mood too.

Valentines day, as most of you know, its our wedding anniversary (yes we are mushballs!)

I had an appointment in London and Kev had took the day off. I love London. It has such a special vibe. Not sure Kev was too happy about being up there on him day off though!

It would be rude to go to London and not visit Paperchase, so not wanting to be rude we did!

Look at their Valentines window!

It was lusher than usual in there. They seemed to have so much yummy stuff upstairs including loads more craft stuff. I was a good girl though!

Then after my appointment in Harley Street we popped into somewhere of amazing lushness, VV Rouleaux. This shop is a ribbon shop. A shop of ribbons. Woweee!

Whilst at Liverpool Street station I saw this new statue of some children from the war.. Beautiful...

I will try to post about Stitches this week but I've got a scan tomorrow in London and a Glasto CJ to get posting. Busy week!!


Anonymous said...

I really want to know how you did the bunting, I love it! Where did you get the gorgeous pins from?!

My twistocj has been staring me out this week, need to do my pages...lacking inspiration!


hairygrowler said...

Hey Mrs Ladybug, i am loving your blog. Keep on truckin.. (playing with paper :) )