Monday, 21 March 2011

What's been happening..

What a lovely day! Shame I'm stuck in with a poorly Elli Woo.

It was nearly a month ago now that I had my eyes re-enhanced and they are doing super. Friday I will go back to Harley Street to visit London Vision Clinic, I can't wait to see what my vision is on the letter board. Here is a picture of me and Dr Dan minutes after he 'fixed' me!

Whilst I'm in London I'm going to take the opportunity to take some photos. I've been a bit lapse with my photography lately, I feel I've lost my love a bit. My poor camera is not as responsive as it used to be and it just frustrates me. Who knows what I'll do at Glastonbury.
Anyway enough of my moaning! My lovely cousin has just opened a beautiful florist and garden centre in Corringham, Essex and has asked me to make some cards to sell there. Previously this would of made me break out in a cold sweat and had me running for the hills. But, for some strange reason, I feel quite excited about it. I'll post some pictures when I've made them. - posted with love and bugs from Bugphone, my iPhone.

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