Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Glastonbury- best bit/ best band

Hello Blogland.
I'm back from the wonderful land of Glastonbury Festival. People from the real world keep asking me what was my best bit or what was the best band I saw. This is really hard as there were too many best bits to choose from. So what I thought I would do is when they pop in my head I'll blog them.
I'll leave you with my collections of bands (2005 is missing though)

I've got to say that we were all most disappointed with this years bands. They looked, well, a bit cheap. A bit Reading/Leeds. But when watching Coldplay I turned around to look at the sea of people to realise that these bright bands were UV bands and were glowing from miles around on the arms of their owners. A UV sea. - posted with love and bugs from Bugphone, my iPhone.

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