Monday, 11 July 2011

Mags galore!

Wowee! What a good week for magazines.

Essentials is my favourite 'lady' mag. It's a magazine for normal girls from the ages of 25 - 80! It's not full of designer clothes that one could never afford and one would never want to. It's not full of celebs who need a good sausage casserole and it's not full of ghastly stories of how ones neighbour ran off with ones husband who has now had a sex change. I've cooked some of my best dinners from the recipes, got some great tips and
read some real humbling stories.
I'm so pleased that we are stocking Creating Keepsakes again the shop. It's the best scrapbooking magazine in the world. This issue (5, volume 16) is by far the most inspirational one for months. Every page, including the advertisements have my fingers itching and twitching for my Tim Holtz scissors! I love this....

Amazing recycling!
I also thought I'd try Simply Homemade as 1. I'd heard so many people talking about it & 2. It had a set of beach stitching templates free with this issue ( that was the real reason!). Nice mag but you can totally tell it's a British one. I'm not wowed yet but maybe my Creating Keepsakes has me buzzing this month.
I've also sneaked in a cross stitch mag this month too. This is something I plan to get into and the freebie project looked quite simple. I'll keep Blogland updated.
Today I've been to London for an eye check up. It was only a quick visit though as Miss Woo has the dentist. I love London.

These are my tube traveling toes!
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