Saturday, 28 January 2012


Evening Blog land.
Phew, a day full of classes today topped with a booming shop, I need wine. I love wine.
Ideally I'd like to snuggle down and do some making but my craft cupboard is in such a state. With many classes and Christmas makings I've just been stuffing everything back in. This means I need to do a deep sort out (think deep clean). This job takes a whole day. It will also mean that I'll find things that I haven't even opened or forgot I had.
So as a substitute for scrapping I decided to sort my 12x12 albums out into chronological order.

I saw the idea for this on a blog a stalk... I mean follow
For years I thought my albums being in order of when I completed the pages showed progression and in a way it does but I then thought that for the person looking at it seeing my floral stage stretch over 5 pages must be nuff! It was really ace to do!

Marion is away in the USA - I miss her! We did do FaceTime tonight. How cool is the iPhone?! I love it.

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