Sunday, 22 April 2012

The big chop!

So who went to Ally Pally last weekend?
Me!!! On Friday we traveled to London to set up the Sugar and Spice stand. This year it looked amazing (if I may say so myself!). I think it was the huge amount of Smash we had to sell.

On Sunday me and Miss Woo drove down to take some extra stock and have a little nose around.

Elli loves going to Ally Pally. She has her regular stands which she visits and everyone remembers her. She snuck off to buy me a present....

She is so sweet. She would rather spend money on everyone else rather than herself. Here are the goodies I brought...

I was really good!
Monday I decided I was totally sick of my hair. I've had it long for years now. So Tuesday I booked an appointment, Thursday it all came off

Ta da!

The big chop!
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