Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bouncing.. Or not!

This week has been a busy week in Bugland. Pepper has had some major pampering!
Monday she had a pedicure and new shoes. I love seeing how fresh her feet look after a trim. Must be like cutting your toenails when they are really long!
Wednesday she had the dentist.

Looks barbaric doesn't it?
We were unsure whether she had ever seen the dentist before because of not knowing her full back ground. As it turns out she hadn't and her teeth were razor sharp. They were so long that her jaw couldn't move side to side. She was such a good girl wearing that awful gag. Hearing the equine dentist
file her teeth nearly sent me over the edge though!
Thursday she had the saddle fitter come to see if her saddle was still fitting her well. She has lost so much weight since we have had her and we were hoping she would which is why we brought her a synthetic saddle.

This basically means the gullet can be changed to make the saddle wider or narrower. So in the 2 months we've had her she has gone down a size! Whoop whoop!
Now for one reason or another that day she decided to chuck me, do one with me, play human buckeroo. Whatever you want to call it I was not happy! I haven't fell of for 20 years!! I don't think I bounce as well as I used to.
So today, feeling sorry for myself, I had a wonderful day cropping (eating cake and gossiping) with my lovely friends Dawn and Jo.

So nice to chill out and chat.
Right I'm off to bed. Night night blogland. X
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Michelle said...

He looks lovely:) I used to ride many years ago, I was a working Pupil training to be a teacher. Loved EVERY minute of it and still miss it now:(

Too old to ride now though (55) and bones not good. Just followed you on Twitter as you taught Carol Baker to make a flower today:) She was well chuffed!

And give me my Craft Bag back!! lol They are GREAT arnt they?

michelle x