Friday, 18 May 2012

Horsing around!

Hello blogland!
I can't believe we are in the middle of May already! This year is flying by.
Normally at this time of year, I'd be in massive count down mode for Glastonbury Festival. This year is the fallow year. They rest the land for the cows to have good pasture. I feel lost without the build up to the festival. I feel like a big hole is currently in my life. Sad, I know but this place is the only place I feel totally free, free to let my ladybug wings fly.

This photo was posted on the Glastonbury website yesterday. It made me catch my breath.
Anyway, enough of my woes, on Sunday the family went to Windsor Horse Show. I'd never been to a big horse show before, it was amazing!!!! Not only were there rows and rows of horsey shopping to browse....

......... there was the most beautiful horses doing their thing. For me the highlight was watching the show jumping finals. I remember as a little girl being glued to the TV watch the horse & rider take on the huge course with there amazing partnership. The fences always looked so big and like the horse had invisible wings to help it over. Seeing it all in real life was even more amazing! Elli as very inspired by the jumping, so much so that in her horse riding lesson on Tuesday she jumped the best she had ever jumped!

(Thanks for my sis for the fab photo) To top the day off we were there when the Queen arrived for that evenings pageant. Elli's excited face...

Here are my favourite photos which I took on the day-

The evening before that we were lucky lucky bugs because the wonderful Kirsty Wiseman was daaannn saaarrrfffff ( as she would say it!) shooting a wedding. Before she poodled off home she did a photo shoot of the kids . I can't wait to share the results!

In Sugar and Spice Land this week we took delivery of 2 things which made me squeal in a way which only a true crafter would appreciate.
This .....

...... Washi tape!
And this......

Loads of new shades of Bazzill! Sorting this lot made my heart palpitate! Arranging the colour order was so satisfying. Look at them all blending!!! Sad I know.
Happy Friday!
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Piper said...

Wow - Elli looks so grown up and gorgeous :)