Thursday, 31 May 2012

#scrap30 challenge - use up that stash!

So, it all started when my diamanté fell out of my lip stud. I had a cunning plan to fill the lip stud with Glossy Accents and top it with Glamour Dust. As I started to pull boxes out of my craft cupboard a massive game of craft jenga happened. Stuff came piling down on me. I was crushed under craft boxes, carrier bags of unopened stash and loose bits & bobs. This was someone saying to me, ' enough is enough, you need to sort this out'. So I started to sort it out. Wow, I have so much stash going on, so much so that I started to feel overwhelmed by it all. I wanted to shove it back into its jenga box! This is when I thought, use it or lose it. How can I use my stash up?
And this is where my idea came in, I decided to challenge myself, 30 layouts in 30 days. It can so be done. I started sort my stash out...

So who wants to play along?
The rules are.....
to use as much stash as possible. Break open those beautiful Martha Stewart felt strawberry stickers that you have been saving.

Only buy something if it's essential to finish your project.

You don't have to make a page a day, everyone has really busy days, you might get in the flow and do 4 in one day! As long as you make 30 it's all cool.

Share you work if you feel like it! I think we should use the hash tag #scrap30 .
Well I'm going to start tonight. Ill be posting on Twitter & Instagram and my username is Ladybugnina . I'll also be blogging.
So who is in?!

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Anonymous said...

Good idear Nina x c