Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Animal trouble

Well what an eventful weekend. Saturday, whilst at work I get a call from Kev. Arty had gotten into Callum's room, raided his bin and eaten a mouldy sandwich (foil and all). I know the drill. He has done this before. At first you notice a tremor, then they start shaking uncontrollably. It's the poison setting in. This time he was having seizures. Kev said that it wasn't looking good. He was transferred to the over night vet, http://www.wylievets.com/ . They were amazing. Sunday we got the call to say that he was wagging his tail and eating. It was a miracle. We picked him up and he had been very randomly shaved! Poor boy. He looks very silly. I carried him out to the car and showed him Nessie in the boot. He put his paw up to the window, it was the sweetest thing ever.

He has been very worn out since.

THEN...... Pepper went lame. Elli had a riding lesson and Pepper started acting strange. Poor Pepper. Walking to the field was a struggle. Later that night I went back to check on her... In my pjs

And wellies.
She felt so sorry for herself. We had a nice long cuddle

Thankfully she is a little brighter today. Please no more animal trouble!!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad - Bug Pad

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