Sunday, 21 July 2013

Happy - sunny

How amazing is this weather? I'm so enjoying the sun. I'm hearing lots of moaning from people though. These people are the people who moan if its cold. Maybe they just like to moan!

I've managed to fit in lots of hacks on Pepper and last Sunday we took her to her first show. We didn't enter any classes, we just took her to see how she would behave in a different environment.

This photo is of her and Matty in the trailer together. Look at their patchy bottoms!

Here she is hanging out at the trailer. She was a very good girl. Next will be the show ring!
This evening I've photographed a few pages that I've completed lately

Sunny Easter! Loved making the pinwheel. Easy and affective.

This one was actually made a while ago. It was a class I taught.

Awwwww Arty and Nessie! It's Arty's birthday today. He is 8.
Right, I'm off to do some making.
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