Friday, 27 June 2014

Nail Varnishes - tiny pots of paint.

This year I've rekindled my love for nail varnishes. As a teenager I fell in love with these tiny pots of paint. Alas, my nails weren't meant for varnish as a day later it would look like I'd been scrubbing the floors, the varnish flaked off.

When I was a little older I started having fibreglass nails put on, just so I could wear colour. It was amazing!! Finally I could have nice nails!

Zoom on to 15 years later and I've started having acrylic overlays put on my nails. Having a horse does nothing for natural nails.

So, my new nails have collided with the explosion of amazing polish available.

I can't get enough!

Me and Elli had our nails done, she was so excited!!!!
Maybelline have really impressed me with their limited edition polishes. In their Brocades polishes, which were avalible earlier on this year, the glitter was so much fuller than others I have used. In actual fact, it was more like foil.

My favourite was Knitted Gold, a wonderful gold with a rose gold mixed in.


Next on the wow list is their Acid Wash which is avalible now.

I've never had so many comments on my nails as I have using this polish. The one below is called Top Splatter. This unables you to turn any polish into an Acid Wash.

When I have my nails done I always have regular polish on them. This lets me to take it off when I like and put on something else. I get bored very easily. When I apply my varnish I use these guys to help me make the best on my nails.

Sally Hansen does the best acetone free polish remover. Any other does not like the glitter and stuff.

Next, Avon liquid freeze. Just spray on your wet nails and they are dry in a quarter of the time!


Last but not least is my Jessica cutical oil.

Taking of Sally Hansen, look at this beauty. It's called Mermaid Tails.

Barry M has got to be one of my long standing favourites. I could not live without their top/base coat.


I'll finish off with a big pile on my polishes!



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misteejay said...

Just a few bottles then Nina **giggle**

Those acid wash results look super.

Toni xx