Sunday, 22 June 2014

We are not going

This is what I've been saying lots over the past few weeks.

It pains me to say these words. I never thought I'd miss one unless I couldn't get tickets but when Callum's mock exam dates were changed to the Wednesday to Wednesday of Glastonbury I knew we couldn't go, not even for the weekend. We all cried, it was totally rubbish.

Sometimes I find it hard to explain why it means so much to me, after all it is only a festival. I think when you have not missed one for 7 years it's just part of you and what you do. I keep thinking this time normally I would be preparing this or this would be my last day at work. Because this is what I 'do' it has led to people asking me if I'm excited, who I'm seeing, how many days left..... This leads me to that answer.

At the end of the day you go with priorities, what's more important and Callum certainly is. This doesn't stop me from being gutted.

So I'd like to wish all my #twisto gang the best time. Sorry I haven't been on a Twitter recently but I can't face it. I've even struggled to listen to music lately. Please have a Brothers pear cider for me at the #twisto meet.

Love you all.


Matt King said...

Gutted Nina 😭 totally understand your hiatus x love you and your famalam you made a the choice for the benefit of others bless ya Xxxx @mothleen

cosymo said...

My love and thoughts are with you all xxxxxx

misteejay said...

As you say, although you have to think about priorities it doesn't stop you feeling sad to be missing something that you enjoy so much.

BIG (((hugs)))

Toni xx