Saturday, 16 August 2014

10/31 3 Things you have checked off your Bucket List

A bucket list is quite a new thing to me really. I've only known about it for 5 years or so. I've never felt in a rush to complete my bucket list because I've felt I've got ages until I kick the bucket! I suppose you never know.

A few years ago I taught a scrapbooking class where they scraped their bucket list. Something's on mine were to ride a horse along a beach , meet jamie Oliver, grown a herb garden and explore spirituality. I've not rode a horse along a beach but since then I do own my own horse who I plan to take to the beach.

I've not met Jamie Oliver or grown a herb garden yet but I have discovered faith.Not spirituality but Christianity. How could I of got this so wrong?! Whatever, god was calling he. I will always be a very spiritual person but not in the spirt world type, the holy spirt type.

This was me being baptised in 2012. It changed my life. Everything seems so much clearer now.




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