Thursday, 14 August 2014

8/31 What's in Your Handbag

Or hambag if you read my earlier post!


I try to carry around only the essential things in my handbag because if not it gets way out of hand! I find the key to this is having the perfect size bag. I have found one but it's now looking a bit sad as I've had it for a few years.

So, in my handbag is

my purse (which was brought for me by my mummy and I love it!)

My planner. I have recently gone back to a paper version after years of using my iPhones calendar. I remember things better if I have wrote them down.

My mini iPad.

My card holder, this holds all those millions of points and rewards cards.

The shop keys

And my little dog bag. This holds little bits, little notepad with matching pencil, Vaseline, lipstick, chewing gum (not that I like gum but one has to stay fresh!), two pens and a tie clip (not an essential!)

I have taught a few scrapbooking classes where this is the subject. It's always interesting to see what people carry around at different stages of their life. 10 years ago I would of been carrying a changing bag for Miss Woo, in 10 years time who knows what I'll be carrying!


Today me and Miss Woo went to have our nails done. I've been promising her since the start of the holidays but with one thing or another we hadn't had time.

She had some fancy artwork done on hers! I went for Essie Fiesta . I'm making the most of the summer by wearing really bright colours!


Yesterday I didn't manage a post. I was really dissapointed but the words would flow. I went to a funeral you see, a guy I used to go to school with. He died of heart failure. He was a smashing guy and anyone that knew him would agree. My fondest memory was us dancing at our school reunion, Paul had the lights flashing on his wheelchair and we were spinning round. He never let his condition (muscular dystrophy) get in his way.


Rest in peace 'Wheels' x



Lynne Gilbert said...

Everything in your bag is so bright and vibrant. Just like you. Xxx

misteejay said...

Love the nails Nina.

Toni xx