Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Goals

Happy new year!!!

I do love a new year, it's like having a good clear out and starting a fresh.

I was inspired by the lovely Leanne to blog some goals for the forthcoming year. This year is going to be a big year for us with Callum going to college and Elli moving up to senior school to name a few.

1 - Get healthy ... I know this time of year everyone says that but I need to. I just can't get below the 12st mark and my body feels like it's going to break in some way or another all the time. I am going to see the EDS specialist in two weeks time and I am sure he will tell me to make some changes.

2 - Make friends and keep them ...... Not in a stalker way but not push people away. Constantly feeling paranoid if I have upset some because they haven't called/ didn't invite me to their charity coffee morning/ didn't invite me out for their birthday drinks is not a great mind place to be. Make an effort and keep in touch.

3 - Be brave .... I suppose this links to the last goal. Make arrangements, say what needs to be said, trust in gods will. Stop hiding!!!

4 - Fill my mind with good ..... Read my bible, read ANYTHING actually, write letters, draw and paint, play board games, walk, craft.

5 - Stick to things....... Clean eating, targets, schedules, dreams.

Tell me if you have any goals for 2015.




cosymo said...

Too be brave too never felt worth, and lose weight too feeling sluggish!
I have loots to do and too make x

Hannah said...

Happy new year Nina! What a lovely, thought-provoking post. I don't normally bother with new year's resolutions but I like the idea of having some goals to aim towards. x

misteejay said...

Happy New Year.
Wishing you well with your goals for 2015.
Toni xx