Thursday, 7 May 2009

Journo lessons!

A couple of makes...
This first one I made a few weeks ago but couldn't think of what to journal. Its hard when you have so many super photos of the kids, sometimes I just don't know what to say. I remember taking these photos, thinking of scrapbooking and knowing they would make a great page, but years down the line I cant remmebr what was so special about that day. I even looked back on my blog to see what I had wrote but it didn't give anymore clues than 'Elli enjoying an ice cream'!. So it did give me a kick up the bum to journal more often so when I use the photos I know what to write.

The fabby transparencies are from a loads of stash I brought from the shop. I really didn't want to just stick them , so I stitched them on. All a bit addicted to stitching at the moment!

This one was a thrown together quick job which I am super pleased with. I love My Little Shoebox. Even though their style has totally changed I think its for the better. The photo is the view out of the door in my first home, the flat I brought when I was 19. It is such a special place in my heart even though I wasn't there for long before getting pregnant and having to buy a house. The blank space in the middle is where I am going to journal. This time I know I wont have a problem. There is so much I want to write about this place that I am worried I might not have room to fit it all on! Oh and vinyl Thickers yummmmmm, I need more and in every colour.

The flowers were something that I would never buy and were given to me, but I love them on this page. I was tempted to stamp on them, I am pleased I didn't. The leafs are made from scrap felt and the back side of the paper. The doodles hand done ( the only way for me). I did wonder if they needed Liquid pearls on the end of them but I thought it was best to step away from the page at that point as not to go too far!

Today I have been scrapping with my favourite scrappy girls. I cut lots of paper then put it away, then finally started a DLO and was disappointed when we ran out of time and had to get the kids from school. I think we just need to chat less ;)


Polly said...

oooh they're very very pretty! And those flowers look familiar ;)


Tinkerbelle said...

love your lo and the transparencies are really yummy.... i feel another visit coming on to SNS, but i am on a stash ban!!!!!

Hope you have a good making day xxx
Lisa xxxx