Monday, 26 March 2012

And the winner is.....

Soooooo a week has passed and the blog hop was great fun. The winner, chosen at random by Miss Woo is......
Number 15 - Kristine!

Congratulations!!! If you email me your address I'll pop your goodies in the post.

Last week was warm enough to leave Pepper out over night. This is something I was looking forward to as it means no stable to muck out in the morning!

We were all worried about leaving her out though!
As for making, I've not had loads of making time. Fiddling with my Project life has been the most I've done.

Last night I did a bit of fiddling around with a project I started over 2 years ago - Why I Scrap. 2 years?! Why do us scrapbookers ping from one project to the next? My final page is complete and now I need to type my journaling. Normally I would write it but I feel the need for print. Probably some typewriter font. Maybe, just maybe I'll dig put the old typewriter.....

Before I go I thought I'd flash you a sneaky look at my new dress

Totally in love with this print! Posted using BlogPress from my fabulous iPhone - Bug phone.

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