Friday, 8 August 2014

3/31 Quotes

Here I am again, blogging. Go me!

Today's blogging challenge is a challenge to me as I love so many quotes. I have a whole Pinterest board full of the things!

Is it wrong for me to post several? I think not, i am posting eh?!

So firstly true is this? I love music, it's part of my makeup, my soul and my pleasure. Ever listen to a song and stop dead. For me, Elbow - Bones of You demonstrates this perfectly. If you gave time please take a minute to listen yo the lyrics and feel.

Next is....

I have learnt this over the years and I am sure I will continue to learn.
Be yourself.
It takes a lot to stay focused when you are surrounded by others who are negative and are not at peace with themselves. This quote always helps me stay in that good frame of mind.

See ya tomorrow!!



Jilly said...

Love that first one! x

cosymo said...

Love all of it xxxxxc

misteejay said...

Great quotes Nina.

Toni xx